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let's hear it for the boy..let's hear it for my man...

hey fellow kevin bacon lovers! =) my name's Meghan and i'm 15 from CT and i just joined this community [i sound like someone whose in a reform group..] haha anyways if you want to know more about me just read my LJ or whatever
im a big footloose fan [and kevin bacon fan i think he's gorgeous even old...and he was on an episode of who wants to be a millionaire and he wore glasses and he looked gorgeous..<3333] i'm actually listening to the soundtrack now..which rocks.
uhhh...favorite part in the movie? either the part where ren dances and before he dances he slams his beer and is smoking a cigarette then he gets out and smacks his car and reminises [sp] of all the anger and stuff that's he's feeling and then he dances to the song never and it hot..he's hot. lol..i think i said that.
favorite song--def never and the one let's hear it for the boy.

so that's about it. if anyone has any good icons for footloose or any place where i can go get some [like maybe the part with ren dancing/the end scene] that'd be great. thanks!

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