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wow..i feel stupid

for xmas my best friend gave me the footloose dvd since i don't own it and i always borrowed her copy. [hey what are friends for!]
so anyways..yesterday i had a half-day cos of the snow and i watched footloose
and i finally got why this community is called dance your ass off!! haha..when ariel has the shirt that says it and flashes it at ren.
i fell back in love with the movie last night. <3 kevin bacon is gorgeous in it..and he has a nice bumoli ;) hahaha

i can't believe the movie is PG! they say some bad words in it and the whole "you'd wrap your skinny legs around anyone!"
favorite part--"i thought only pansy's wore ties"..."i thought only a-holes used the word pansys!" aww i <3 ren/kevin bacon...

that's al i had to say..

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